Thursday, March 27, 2008

a wonder...

This strange and very amazing thing just happened. Brielle just fell asleep! Not so amazing? Well…it is, actually. Because she fell asleep on her play mat, on the floor, while holding on to a dangling toy. That has never happened in all of the time that I’ve known her. Because I know Will won’t believe me, I captured the evidence:

She lasted there for about five minutes, asleep. Then she kept waking because of all of the noise play toys around her. So I picked her up, and rocked her in my arms back to calmness, then laid her in her bassinet, where I hoped she will get a better nap. (which lasted an entire ten more minutes) She doesn’t like so much to be rocked, jiggled, or the up and down motion that has always worked on calming any baby I’ve ever known before. At least not when she’s really tired. She likes this swaying motion, a rocking of the hips in like a figure eight. It’s the exact same motion I used when I was in the middle stages of labor with her. I find that to be ironic sometimes. I also find other things that are ironic or interesting. Like the fact that her car seat sits precisely where she came into this world. So she spends a lot of time riding around in that exact same spot. She hardly fusses in the car, she just sat through a 7+ hour car trip and barely made a peep! Not that the two are in any way related. She also nurses a lot from the back seat of the car, since she prefers the quiet solitude to eat.
Lately nursing has been going quite well. She did wonderful on her first trip, in the car, and at her grandparents’. I just fed her when we stopped, and on demand in Arkansas, or just whenever I could. She did so great (happier and more content than her usual self) that we were perplexed. Why did she do so much better there than in her own home? When we returned, she seemed back to her normal demanding self. But then she adjusted. Today has clearly been the first day that she seemed like a very happy baby. Maybe it has something to do with the boys been home from school on spring break. Maybe she is being gracious because we are having a very frustrating experience with our vehicle that we thought was a recall issue, and is now turning into a costly venture. Regardless, she still fell asleep on the living room floor while she was just playing! That is miracle material right there!

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