Monday, March 3, 2008

Boys' Birthdays

Josh just celebrated his 12th Birthday (wow!) last week and a few days ago Tyler celebrated his 9th! They had originally wanted to have a birthday together again this year and decided on the Rollerdome. Well, after I called that poor worker guy like 3 times and bugged him about rates, dates, times, party packages, you name it, I decided it would not be worth it. I thought we'd spend too much money for something that was too hectic and crazy and not worth all of the effort. So, we let the boys decide what they wanted to do for their birthdays after giving them a few options to choose from.
Well, we didn't really spend less money, but I think they still had fun. Josh chose to go to Opry Mills and he got to do this bungee jump thing there in the mall, which was really fun for him, and if I knew anything about loading my phone's videos onto here I'd post it. But I do not. It's really funny though because after a good back flip, he lands on his head the next time. He likes it. They also went to Build-A-Bear to get "accessories" for their bunny and Husky. Yes, you might say they are too big to do such a thing (they got skate gear, police gear, shades, a new shirt) but...we are like "ya know? the time is going to be soon when they no longer ask for such things." So we don't try to grow them up faster than they are growing. The world does that enough for us. They also got new Nikes. That was really good.
For Tyler's birthday we took him to Chuck E. Cheese. They played video games, we had pizza, Will and I shouted across the table at one another over a sleeping baby and called it "conversation." It was nice. But I LOVE fountain drinks, so I dosed up on too much Mr. Pibb and could not fall asleep that night. Then we went back to the house and the aunts, uncle, and cousins came over to share in with the strawberry cupcakes Tyler had made (for his own birthday). Hey, he wanted to do it. Josh had made some Strawberry Truffles. They were YUM too! All in all it went well. Tyler bought Legos with his birthday money at a trip to Toys R Us, and Josh (who has been saving up for a year) was finally able to get the PSP with a little help from us. They were both happy with those gifts.
Yesterday we had an earlier house church group meeting time because the weather was perfect for a cook out. Then afterwards a few of us went to hike Rotary Park's trails.
Honestly, I think they liked that just as well as anything else we did though. For which I am so thankful!

Turns out it's not so hard to figure it out after all. Go figure.

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The Sugarplums said...

Looks like fun! Tell me why he didn't tell me about this when I asked about his trip to the mall? That kid! I love Will laughing at his blooper! Too funny!